Saturday, March 30

Dress It Up

 photo IMG_4878_zps350292ff.jpg  photo IMG_4866_zps2940976a.jpg  photo Edit-IMG_4855_zpsb574fd7f.jpg  photo IMG_4854_zps37077359.jpg  photo ShaggySheepCombo_zps20f7650a.jpg

{Jacket- H&M, similar here, Sequin tank- Urban Outfitters (old), Leather Pants- Zara, similar here, Bag- H&M, Necklace- Forever 21, not so similar but still so cute here, Ray Ban Sunnies}

This jacket was one of those crazy purchases. Crazy as in you were just strolling the streets of NYC with a friend, decided to take a "quick peek" into H&M (who were you kidding?) and came across the softest most luxurious little jacket you just couldn't put down. Just me? Right, anywayy, I immediately fell in love with the cut and square shape, but was concerned it wasn't "wearable". Now that I've experimented with different outfits, I've actually found it easy to both dress up and down. It looks great when you think of it like you would a cardigan: keep it casual with a plain tee, skinny jeans, and Chelsea boots or wear it out at night with a sequin tank and statement necklace. While I won't be rushing to wear this jacket to work, I will definitely be wearing it over the weekends until the weather warms!

Hope everyone's having a great Easter weekend! Thanks for reading! :)


Tuesday, March 26

Trending / Floral Pants

 photo IMG_4958_zps62e6c1cd.jpg  photo IMG_4987_zpsdabfec94.jpg  photo FloralPantsCombo1_zps020cdf56.jpg  photo Edit-IMG_4976_zpsbce27aaf.jpg

{Top- J Crew, similar here, Cardigan- J Crew, Pants- H&M, similar skinny jeans here,  Heels- Zara, similar here and here, Bag- H&M, Watch- Michael Kors, Nails- Essie's Jelly Apple}

I couldn't celebrate the beginning of spring without these floral pants- especially since I found them recently on sale at (no surprise here) H&M. I had never been one to go crazy for the floral pattern, but I started to warm up to it when J Crew released their Liberty collection (love these jeans so much). Still, I was hesitant to buy these, thinking they would be difficult to style, but it turned out the easy tee and cardigan combo is all you need with these patterned pants! 


Saturday, March 23

New In / The Perfect Bag

 photo IMG_4634_zpsfd1e0e30.jpg  photo IMG_4616_zps2e0ec557.jpg  photo IMG_4609_zpsaf5ce2df.jpg  photo PinkBlazerCombo_zps50574a24.jpg  photo IMG_4599_zps25baca34.jpg
{Top- H&M, similar here, Blazer- H&M, Jeans- American Eagle, Coat- Zara, similar here, Bag- H&M, Heels- can't remember, but similar here, Sunnies- Robert Verdi via HSN}

If it hasn't already been painfully obvious from my last couple of posts, I've been on an H&M frenzy lately. Their biker style jackets, sharp blazers, and silky blouses have revived my wardrobe. The absolute cherry on top was finding this black bowling bag, which perfectly fits my need for an everyday medium sized bag. I love that it was only $25, yet still gives off a high end impression. Is it excessive that I'm debating buying it the other taupe color too? On another note, I'm thinking hot pink is going to have a major moment for me this summer. The idea of pairing this blazer with distressed denim shorts and heeled sandals is so exciting. I'm already mentally preparing a list of all the hot pink things I'd like to have by the summer: a silky dress, the perfect nail polish, a statement necklace with a pop of neon. Now all we need is some warm weather! 


Sunday, March 17

Hi Lo

 photo Edit-IMG_4557_edited-1_zps7a1a8ba8.jpg  photo HiLOCombo_zps5b5e9b5d.jpg  photo Edit-IMG_4563_zpsb5739bdb.jpg  photo IMG_4577_zpsc479e398.jpg

{Top - H&M, similar here and here, Blazer- H&M, similar here, Skirt- Zara, similar here, Shoes- Zara, similar here, Bag- Steve Madden, Bangles- Forever 21, Ray Ban Sunnies} 

I bought this high-low skirt from Zara last year, rightly thinking it would be a perfect addition to my summer wardrobe, and wrongly assuming I would wear it exclusively in the summer. I took advantage of a rare, warm day in March and busted this skirt out, making it (semi) winter appropriate by pairing it with a crisp new blazer from H&M.. I have a feeling this black white & mint combo is going to carry me through the next couple of months! Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, March 13

Nailed It

 photo Edit2IMG_4240_zps7a92f1f2.jpg
I tried Butter London for the first time back in December, when I got a spontaneous free manicure at Henri Bendel. I was absolutely smitten by the smooth formula of their glitter polishes, the sleek, square shaped bottles and their cheeky little British names. Lovely Jubbly is this amazing glittery magenta purple colored polish with blue flecks that started it all (I instagrammed it, here). The dark horse of the group, however, was definitely the nail polish remover. I am actually still surprised even as I type this that I am giving so much attention to a polish remover, but it is just that good. As Bioderma is to removing makeup, Butter London is to removing polish. Bonus: it smells amazing, like baby powder, and is acetone-free! The downside is it's quite expensive for just 2 oz of remover, but it does come in sets of three in other scents as well. It has made my at home manicures that much more enjoyable, and I really doubt I'll find myself without it from now on. 

Other favorites: Butter London Nail Foundation Flawless Base Coat & Butter London Hardwear Quick Top Coat. And just in case I haven't mentioned Essie Macks on here enough, one last shout out (I make no promises) before I retire my wine colored nails and prepare for pastels! 

Which polishes have you guys been loving recently? Thanks for reading!


Sunday, March 10

Leather & Layered

 photo Edit-IMG_4441_zpscb455f2a.jpg  photo IMG_4468_zpsd14fc2e0.jpg
 photo Combo_zpsc709b18e.jpg
{Shirt- H&M, Cardigan- H&M, similar here, Skirt- H&M, similar here; Bag- Mango, Chelsea Boots- ASOS}
 photo IMG_4459_zps239a51be.jpg
{Cuff necklace- Urban Outfitters, Rhinestone necklace- Ann Taylor Loft, similar here}

A couple themes that I've been loving recently: pairing knit sweaters with leather, layering necklaces, and wearing the ever classic combination of black and white... 


Friday, March 1

Insta Life

 photo Insta_zpscd387107.jpg

Happy Friday!

I'm away in Vegas this weekend- celebrating my soon to be sister in law's last few months as a single lady! I'll be away from the blog, but posting outfits and other shenanigans on Instagram & Twitter! 

Hope you all have a great weekend!