Thursday, February 21

Business Casual

 photo BusinessCasualEdit_edited-2_zps0dc1bb4c.jpg
{Tweed Jacket- H&M: similar here, here, and here; Striped Sequin shirt- J.Crew: similar here;  Jeans- Forever 21}
 photo IMG_4327_zps93856ad2.jpg
 photo EditBusinessCasual2_edited-1_zpsb6803527.jpg
{Laptop Bag- Kate Spade: similar here and here; Bangles- Forever 21: similar here; Sunglasses- Robert Verdi via HSNChelsea Boots- ASOS: similar here}

A couple quick snaps of an outfit I wore to work this week. We're "business casual" at work- a term I used to resent for its vagueness, but now love since it allows me to blend my work and play pieces together. This H&M tweed cardigan slash blazer slash jacket for example- loving how it can be dressed up or down! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading! 



  1. I LOVE this outfit! I would literally wear this like every day

  2. Wow, I am obsessed with this. Good thing I have the jacket...

    Seriously though, good pairing! So creative!

  3. Nice jacket!
    NEW POST!Come visit!

  4. Hi Nisha, I am Claudia,just wanted to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.:) I am glad you liked my new closet.
    I was just going through your blog and I am loving it, so I just joined in. :)
    Hugs from Toronto
    you are welcome to join in mine if you wish.

  5. love that bag!:)

  6. This is great! love it!



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