Monday, January 7

Gold Jewels & Animal Print

{Cardigan- J Crew, Button down- American Apparel, Jeggings- American Eagle, Belt- J Crew, Necklace-Macy's, Sunnies- Ralph Lauren, Bag-Zara, Watch- Michael Kors, Skull bangle- Urban Outfitters}
 The Gold jewelry- ok, really no surprise there. I've been loving gold jewelry for years, since the chunky Michael Kors gold watch became really popular. The animal print, however, I sneak minimally into my wardrobe: a scarf, a skinny belt, and now my phone case. The two together have been an irresistible winter combo for me.
Photobucket Photobucket

Happy new year to all my lovely readers! I'm looking forward to an amazing 2013 with you all!



  1. Love that bag Nisha!

    And Happy New Year xo

  2. I'm recreating this exact outfit tomorrow for work. I mean it.

  3. I second Alyssa's comment. I want to recreate the outfit too! I am just missing a leopard print belt.


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