Wednesday, January 30

Winter Weekend

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Hi! I thought I'd share an easy, simple outfit that I'm usually wearing some variation of over the weekend. (1) These H&M leather leggings are a winter weekend staple for me- dressed up with heels or dressed down with short boots (2) This old Mango tote bag is perfect for running errands over the weekend and even throwing in a couple overnight essentials for spontaneous sleepovers (3) The tank top/cardigan combo is so easy and just never gets old.. 

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Hope you guys are staying warm, wherever you are! Thanks so much for reading! :)


{p.s} Thanks to my friend, Vida, for taking these pictures!

Friday, January 11

OPI's Coney Island Cotton Candy

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After a season marked by a love affair with red wine colored nails (see: Essie Macks), it feels refreshing to have on a more sheer, nude color. OPI's Coney Island Cotton Candy looks like a shiny, clear coat, with the slightest bit of beige and pink. Oh and that rose gold infinity ring is from Brandy Melville (can't find the exact one, but there are lots of other cuties!)


Wednesday, January 9


It didn't take too long for my dresser to become a dumping ground for jewelry, perfume, make up, etc, since it doubles as my vanity as well. But I took some time to reorganize it and have been reaping the benefits since.

{I love displaying this vintage Chanel bottle, what will probably be my most epic vintage find ever from the flea market in Paris}
{This glass jar from The Container Store holds my oversized rings. I haven't been wearing big rings recently, opting instead for smaller, delicate rings, but I love having them contained and looking so pretty in this jar}
{This little guy from Urban Outfitters holds aforementioned small, delicate, everyday wear rings, ensuring they do not get lost and up in the dryer again (oops!)}
Also loving Container Store organizers like the acrylic lipstick organizer and the velvet watch/bracelet stand. The lipstick organizer is literally perfect. My lipsticks used to be buried in a makeup bag, never to be found, but now I can easily see my options and grab one when I'm on the go. 

My apartment is no where near done (is it ever?), but I'm looking forward to sharing a few snapshots of the little things that make it feel like home! Hope you guys enjoyed this post and as always, thanks for reading!


Monday, January 7

Gold Jewels & Animal Print

{Cardigan- J Crew, Button down- American Apparel, Jeggings- American Eagle, Belt- J Crew, Necklace-Macy's, Sunnies- Ralph Lauren, Bag-Zara, Watch- Michael Kors, Skull bangle- Urban Outfitters}
 The Gold jewelry- ok, really no surprise there. I've been loving gold jewelry for years, since the chunky Michael Kors gold watch became really popular. The animal print, however, I sneak minimally into my wardrobe: a scarf, a skinny belt, and now my phone case. The two together have been an irresistible winter combo for me.
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Happy new year to all my lovely readers! I'm looking forward to an amazing 2013 with you all!