Monday, September 17

Skin Care: Favorite Finds

I love buying Origins products. I have faith in the brand and quality, and I surprisingly find the salespeople at this particular counter to be more "real" and knowledgable than some others. I'm  immediately drawn to skin care products that boast brightening abilities- quite the same way I'm drawn to hair products that claim to add volume- so it was no surprise when I was attracted to this Fruit Extract Face Polisher. I use this as a mask 2x a week, but it is more well known as an exfoliator- which I also love. It's an easy and quick mask to do since it washes right off, and you can even get some exfoliation in there!  The fruit extracts are gentle on sensitive skin and it smells absolutely amazing. I do feel like it brightens my face a little, but mainly it will beat out my other masks for the time being because of it's smell and gentle exfoliation. 

This Hanna Isul Recovery Ointment has been a miracle find for me. My mom met the owner of the Hanna Isul brand and brought home some samples for us to try. I was stunned by the results (probably explains why I now have a huge tub of it now - it comes in a smaller size too). It can be used to help treat a host of issues, but I can attest to it's success on acne prone skin and acne scars.   It significantly reduces the appearance of inflammation and swelling. The formula is not greasy nor heavy- making it easy to use day or night. I use it every time I wash my face, applying it more heavily on areas of my face that are more acne prone or has heavier scarring. I've been using it for a month now and can really see my acne scars diminishing! I've also fell in love with the Seaweed Mask (below). It leaves my skin feeling super refreshed & clean. The line is a tad pricy, but so worth it for me. I wasn't sure exactly where to buy it online, but found this website that sells it, here. Let me know if you try it and if you like it too! 

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  1. Im so jealous! I always wanted to try the origins never a dull moment. def gonna get one soon! x

  2. I'm also a huge origins fan:)


  3. and most importantly, i love the packaging of these, haha :)


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