Wednesday, August 8

Work Wear

{Top- J Crew, Jeans- J Crew, Pumps- Ralph Lauren, Necklace- H&M, Bag- Long Champ, Sunnies- Ray Ban Wayfarers}
Hi! I thought I'd do a quick post as proof that yes, I am still alive. The move back to the East coast was less stressful than expected, but between starting my new role at work, the commute, and my cousins wedding (maybe I'll share pics from that next!), I've been keeping quite busy! 

This is literally the perfect example of my 'overslept and have five minutes to get ready for work' outfit. I rely heavily on a mix of J Crew basics and various statement jewelry for these kinds of outfits. I fell in love with the fit of this shirt and ordered two more on the J Crew website when it went on sale (it is $15 right now and comes in fun colors!). I'd also been hunting for a chain necklace for a couple months now, and found the perfect one at H&M a couple weeks ago. I have to resist the urge to wear it with every single outfit. 

Oh, and see below for fun picture of me stuffing my face with fro yo. New location, same addiction. 

Hopefully I'll be posting more regularly now that my routine is a little back to normal. Thanks for reading and being patient with me! :)


  1. that last picture is cool! Loved your necklace. Come back soon, hun <3

  2. haha I love that last pic!! Lovely outfit sweetheart! XOXO

  3. Beautiful, I adore your deep blue top. xx

  4. i love white jeans and a well fitted top for the summer!

  5. J.Crew's the best. I love how simple but chic this outfit is!

  6. Hahah,lovely chain necklace, I can see why you want to wear it with every outfit! :D


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