Wednesday, May 30

Rainbow Sprinkles

This leather jacket, my friends, has been a serious wardrobe game changer. Outfits that previously wouldn't have even dreamed of seeing the beautiful (yet chilly) San Francisc0 day light, now can galavant around town under the protection of this jacket. Exhibit a: American Apparel sheers.
Sheer cami- American Apparel, Maxi skirt- American Apparel, Leather jacket- Zara, Necklace- Zara, Nails- American Apparel's Neon Yellow, Sunglasses- Juicy Couture, Bag- Aldo
Completely unrelated, yet equally as important- Don't rainbow sprinkles make ice cream taste better? Not that Ben & Jerry's needs any help at all in the taste category, but still..

Have a great week! As my Mom would say- make it awesome :)


  1. This outfit is totally inspiring! I love the sweet, sheer skirt paired with that leather jacket. Plus, that statement necklace? Beautiful!
    Mmmmm, sprinkles and ice cream :) Haha, yummy combo!

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  2. I love the skirt and cami, and that necklace is gorgeous :) xx

  3. perfect look dear!!love your skirt and necklace!!

  4. So many fun colors! I love your outfit, that pretty purple door and of course the sprinkles!


  5. I absolutely love this outfit! ADORE the jacket & your necklace!! So happy that your fair and warm weather wears can come out to play! LOVE the neon nail polish as well! xo, Megs


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