Thursday, May 31

Romping Around

Romper- Forever 21, Denim jacket- Victoria's Secret (old), Bag- Aldo, Shoes- Target, Ray Ban Sunnies 
We all agree that "romper" can be used as a verb too, right? (Romped, Romping, etc) Ok, good, now that that's settled.. My first time wearing a romper this season! And damn, it felt good. I picked this up on a recent trip to the mall, when I hesitantly stopped into Forever 21. In the past year or two, I've been noticing that most of my clothes that I tire of are usually patterned, trendy, and cute in the past- from Forever 21. After steering clear of F21 for quite some time, I couldn't help but indulge myself and see what they had to offer for the summer seasons. So happy I did, because I spotted this romper, and for the first time in maybe forever, I actually bought something on my "list" (you know, that mental list, where you take notes on what you've been craving recently, only to get back from the mall and realize you not only didn't buy anything from your list, but also have grown your list to include 10 more items..yes, that one). Anyway, I was looking for a light & breathable, patterned, summer dress that could be worn to anything from errands to drinks with a friend. And bonus, it's a romper. Meaning it can be paired with shoes like this and be worn to the park! Or worn to get an evening glass of white wine while sitting outside with your feet up, not worrying about crossing your legs or sitting like a lady! Ok, my love letter to rompers is just about coming to an end.. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this rambling post! Thanks for reading! :)

Wednesday, May 30

Rainbow Sprinkles

This leather jacket, my friends, has been a serious wardrobe game changer. Outfits that previously wouldn't have even dreamed of seeing the beautiful (yet chilly) San Francisc0 day light, now can galavant around town under the protection of this jacket. Exhibit a: American Apparel sheers.
Sheer cami- American Apparel, Maxi skirt- American Apparel, Leather jacket- Zara, Necklace- Zara, Nails- American Apparel's Neon Yellow, Sunglasses- Juicy Couture, Bag- Aldo
Completely unrelated, yet equally as important- Don't rainbow sprinkles make ice cream taste better? Not that Ben & Jerry's needs any help at all in the taste category, but still..

Have a great week! As my Mom would say- make it awesome :)

Sunday, May 27

Simple Studded DIY

I bought these studs from an Etsy shop, (similar here), before I figured out what to stud. I just knew I wanted to stud something. Resisting the temptation to stud everything in my closet, I waited until the right opportunity presented itself. And it did- in this sheer H&M blouse that I don't wear as much as I should. I found my inspiration after seeing many studded collar blouses from Zara, such as this one. These studs were super quick & easy to work with- my kind of DIY! Hopefully I'll be wearing this blouse more often now! 

Hope you guys are having a great Memorial day weekend!

Monday, May 21

Mixing It Up

Sweater- Brandy Melville, Skirt- J Crew (old, factory store), Bag- Steve Madden, Belt- H&M, Bracelets- LF, Shoes- Forever 21, Ray Ban sunnies 

This past weekend I made my first visit to Tahoe! It was that awkward, in-between season where the mountain is adjusting to warmer weather while I was adjusting to driving on "roads", up cliffs, with no guard rails. Despite all this, it was beautiful and everything I imagined it to be- waterfalls, breathtaking views, etc. No (good) pictures because I was dying and out of breath for majority of our hike, as I was stupidly trying to follow my boyfriend while he blazed his own trails through the mountain and ended up doing lots of unnecessary jumping and climbing (see: Parkour, ha). Sorry, blame him!

Anyway! We ended up loving our resort and extending our stay an extra night. Of course, this was the first trip in my packing career that I ended up packing exactly how many outfits I would've needed for our originally planned stay. So I had to get a little creative towards the end. I originally  brought this sweater because one, I've been living in it for weeks, and two, I love the way it looks with my light-wash denim shorts. I was pleasantly surprised at how it also seemed to work with this floral skirt. Sometimes, all you need is a little push to get creative and see your clothes in different lights! I love how the sweater takes on the feminine feel of the skirt, when usually I wear the sweater a little more grungy, with sneakers/Tom's. This outfit may have just found it's way into my spring wardrobe rotation.

What have you guys been wearing recently? I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Sunday, May 13

Lace Shorts

Leather jacket- Zara, Tank top- LF, Lace bandeau- American Apparel, Lace shorts- Zara, Bracelets- LF & ASOS, Heels- Steve Madden,Rings- ASOS, Sunnies- Ray Bans, Nails (finger, toes)- Zoya's Caroline, OPI's Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It
I hate to admit that at first, I felt a little bit of buyer's remorse with these shorts. I had an image in my head (probably from looking at so many lace shorts on Pinterest), and I couldn't figure out how to style them to match the image in my head. The problem was actually that there were so many directions I could go in- lace and neon, lace and pastel, lace on lace... In the end, I mixed a little bit of everything- lace, leather, and pastel. And now I love the fresh feminine look of these shorts and appreciate their versatility!

Hope you guys had a good weekend! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, May 8


Lately I've been reminded that Spring is here in so many ways- and not just by the gorgeous 70+ degree weather SF is being spoiled with! (01) Making white wine spritzers with fresh strawberries, limes, and mint (02) Favorite spring nail polishes in rotation: Essie's Haute As Hello, Mod Squad, Van d'go and a new glass bowl from Target to store them in (03) Fresh basil leaves from the farmer's market (04) Cathartic spring cleaning that resulted in using this belt rack from The Container Store to display jewelry (05) The newest addition to my statement necklace collection, from  Zara

I have been feeling so so good about Spring. It almost feels like I'm celebrating Spring. Just me?

Thanks for reading guys! 

Sunday, May 6


Sweater- Thrifted, Skirt- Zara, Sandals- Steve Madden (last year), Bracelets & Ring- ASOS, Sunnies- Ray Ban Wayfarers

Just a little bright and playful outfit for some Cinco de Mayo fun lounging at the park. The highlight of the day definitely being watching a bunch of little kids hitting a piƱata- it  never gets old.

There are so many ways to style this high-low skirt- I thought my head was going to explode with the possibilities (dramatic).  Wearing it with this fuchsia sweater wasn't even on my radar until I read all the wonderful comments on my post, Colors & Patterns, and realized what a winning combination fuchsia & mint could be! So again, thank you guys for your comments! Not only do they brighten my day, they are so helpful! 

Happy Cinco de Mayo! 

Thursday, May 3

Lemon Cookies

Recipe via Lauren's Latest; Farmers Market Basket via Anthropologie; Patterned bowl via Target

Everyone! Make these cookies. Now. 
Hm, that was a bit demanding. Let's start over..
I made these cookies last weekend, and they were amazing. If light, flaky, lemon cookies are your thing, then visit Lauren's site, and give them a try!