Sunday, April 22

Trial & Travel

At the beginning of the month, I mentioned that April was going to be filled with visitors and travel. I also mentioned that I wouldn't forget you guys (screw you Blogger, for documenting my every word. ha jk). So, to make up for my empty promises and lack of posting, I decided to share some products that have been accompanying me on my recent travels. Traveling is such a great excuse to buy fun sized products and more importantly- try new things!
I have an unhealthy obsession with Ahava. Less of an obsession, and more of a creepy, stalking relationship. Every time I go to a beauty supply store, I find myself in the Ahava section, wanting everything and leaving with nothing. I bought this 3 oz Hibiscus & Fig body wash at Ulta, and I love it. I will definitely be buying the normal size and using it for pampering purposes. If, however, you (unlike me) can see that spending over $20 on body wash is kind of unnecessary, I strongly strongly recommend their Mineral Body Lotion. And while I am yet to try every Ahava product, I can confidently say this product is in their top 3 for sure. It is lightweight and moisturizing, and well, I'll just save it for another post.
I rarely commit to a new salon shampoo without buying the trial size first. 20+ fluid ounces just seems so daunting- way too big of a commitment. This Paul Mitchell Extra Body line has been catching my eye for quite some time. These little guys did not disappoint, but also didn't wow me. Also, they are more than 3 ounces, so not the best to fly with. As of now, I don't plan to buy the normal size shampoo & conditioner, but I may look into trying one of the Extra Body styling aids. 
This "trial" is kind of backwards, since I already have the large size bottle of this moisturizer. I love it so much though that I need this mini one with me on all my trips. The formula is a little bit greasier than what I generally prefer, but it's perfect for when my hands get really dry while driving or flying. 
I received this sample from Sephora, and have completely fallen in love. I've actually gotten into a bad habit of using it while I'm not traveling. This may sound weird, but the scent is strangely reminiscent of baby powder or baby oil, but in a light and fresh way. I excitedly went to Sephora to buy the normal size, but in the store, the perfume did not smell the same to me! There are many different 'versions' of this perfume though, so maybe I just need to search harder for the right one. 

There are many more things I consider to be travel necessities, but I find body washes, shampoos, and perfumes, the easiest and most fun to play around with. I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading!


  1. I totally agree with getting a travel sized bottle first. I had that moment at Lush last week with the vegan condition (which by the way I am obsessed with). I now feel confident enough to go and get the jumbo bottle since its going to be part of my daily routine now!! =)

  2. the Ahava product looks great - not heard of this brand before x


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