Wednesday, March 7

Tried & True Drugstore Purchases

These purchases are quite old, but I'm still reaching for them often, which is always a good sign. 
(01) Cetaphil After a recent flare up of breakouts, I've resorted to prescription strength serums. And while these serums and creams can be very effective, they must be carefully monitored since they often cause very dry skin and extreme sensitivity to the sun. The first thing I did was run to the store and find the kind of boring, but tried & true, Cetaphil. I've started to use the Cetaphil cleanser every morning and night because right now, I need to use something that I can trust won't be causing anymore breakouts. I actually bought the Cetaphil body lotion by mistake, while searching for the face lotion with SPF, and must've been in such a rush that I forgot to put it down! I don't mind because it's nice to use when I don't feel like "wasting" my usual Origins Ginger Rush hydrating cream. The Cetaphil face lotion is the real star for me here- available in SPF 50 and a non-greasy formula. I love that now I'll have these trusty products laying around for times like this. 
(02) Revlon Lip Butters I had to. There was too much chatter about these in the blogosphere and I couldn't resist trying these for myself. I have been wanting to go bold and try a red lipstick for a while now, but who am I kidding, I wasn't bold enough to buy MAC's famed Russian Red or anything so pigmented. Assuming that the lip butters would be a little less pigmented since they are hydrating like a lip balm, I took the opportunity to stray from my usual nudes and light corals. I am actually pleasantly surprised at how nice the colors show up, while simultaneously moisturizing my lips. That being said, I feel as if you could just as easily layer your favorite lipstick with a lip conditioner or chapstick and achieve similar, if not the same, results. These are a great purchase to branch out and try new shades, but in an effort to simplify my life & make-up drawer, I probably would not buy anymore and opt to use a chapstick instead. 
(03) Nivea Chapstick Speaking of chapsticks, this Nivea Berry Swirl Chapstick was the best kind of impulse purchase- no buyers remorse! Hydrating, SPF, and tastes like candy. I may not buy this again just because of my ADD with chapsticks. I want to try a Burt's Bees one next, but am open to suggestions. After all, you can never really have enough chapsticks.. or at least that's what I tell myself. 
(04) Real Simple Magazine Another impulse purchase, since I don't usually buy magazines and instead end up reading articles online. But I do love flipping through physical pages- and Real Simple has recently become my go-to. The pictures are both creative and inspiring, and content-wise, the magazine is filled with practical solutions for everyday issues. I finally realized that every time I buy the magazine in store on impulse, I dish out $5 per issue, but if I just ordered a subscription, it would be less than $2 an issue (duh). So I buckled up and ordered it and couldn't be more excited! If you don't feel like ordering it, but still want to get an idea of what they're all about, their website is similarly filled with some awesome articles! 

Hope you guys are all having a great week so far! Thanks for reading! 

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  1. I've not yet tried the Revlon lip butters, but I plan too soon.

    Have you tried EOS lip balms? I love mine!


    1. Hi! I do have the EOS lip balm in Mint & I looove it. It's probably my favorite and I just love the egg shape, haha. Let me know what shades you end up trying of the Lip Butters :)

  2. I'm a big fan of the Cetaphil cleanser too but for moisturizer I cannot trust anyone but Clinique! Have used the Nivea lip balm too and loved it!

  3. Ohh.. real simple looks pretty tempting.

  4. i have been using burts bee's chapstick for years now and i love it so much that i don't even try anything else.. it has a minty/tingly feeling though, so it might be a love/hate thing

  5. I know this is totally weird but I found that their face lotion doubles as a really good makeup remover (just use a q-tip). I forgot my makeup remover when I went to hoboken and it literally worked better than my mac one! I know... totally random!

  6. dude...impressive reviews!!! i'm usually not a cetaphil fan but now i'm ready to run out and buy a few products.

    also, i almost purchased the same revlon lip butters but then put them back. i truly enjoyed reading your thoughts on them, though i may be willing to purchase one for the sake of my lipstick collection.

  7. the revlon lip butters came out in the UK today i am SO EXCITED im going to pick up LOADS tomorrow!!! i really do NOT need them, but i just need to see for myself - so addicted lol!! xx

  8. ah I can't wait to get a revlon lip butter the look lovely! x

  9. Hope your skin is perking up now! Berry swirl lip balm sounds tasty!

  10. I dream about this Revlon Lip butter, but we don't have his product in Poland

  11. I need to try the cetaphil range! Burts bees lip balm is so good, I have also heard good things about EOS if you don't have that already!

    New follower!

  12. I love the Revlon lip butter, it does a good work. I will looking for the Berry chapsticks, sound great.

  13. You've such a great blog! Lovely outfits!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog, i really appreciate it :]
    Hope you'll follow!

  14. ahh I used to be obsessed with cetaphil!

  15. i love the revlon lip butter !
    your blog is really cute,now following (:


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