Monday, December 24

Things I'm Loving: Holiday Sparkle

I've been so overwhelmed by all the things I want to share on my blog with you guys. It's been difficult since the days are so short now, making natural light hard to come by- I'm sure my fellow  East Coast bloggers are feeling the same pain. Finally though, with some days off from work, I found a little time (and light!) to share some new & old things I've been loving recently. This holiday season, there are definitely common themes amongst the things I find myself reaching for over & over again: rose gold, sparkles, and peach lips.
{Leopard print iPhone case via J Crew Factory, Clinique lip gloss, MAC Ravishing Lipstick, Revlon Soft Nude Lipstick, Marc Jacobs for Target Rose Gold Pouch (now 50% off!)}
{Bling via J Crew Factory  (similar here), Primark, Urban Outfitters, Shay and Jay Designs}
{Wearing this combo on repeat since Thanksgiving; Sally Hansen's Boca Mocha, OPI's Don't Be Eggnogious}
{Finally giving in to a beautifully beaded skirt from Zara (haven't been able to find it on the website, sorry!) - literally my favorite thing this season}

As a side note, I've been lovinggg all the holiday posts! This time of year is so so amazing, and I 
hope you guys are all enjoying with family, friends, food, and fun! Merry Christmas & as always, thanks so much for reading! 

Sunday, December 16

Birthday Cashmere

{Sweater- J Crew,  Leather shorts- H&M,  Jacket- Zara, Watch & Purse- Michael Kors}

Hi lovelies! Hope you are enjoying yourselves in all this pre-Holiday glory- I definitely am. It helps that I celebrated my birthday this past weekend, and that my boyfriend got me this beautiful cashmere sweater! It was one of those gifts that I didn't even know I wanted, making it so much better. For someone who lives on the J Crew website and reads every J Crew catalog cover to cover (the kids section? adorable), it's surprising that I hadn't added this sweater to some wish list! In any case, I'm obsessed with how soft and wearable the sweater is- the perfect gift. A big thanks to my boyfriend (slash photographer too)! And thanks to everyone for making this birthday so special!

Sunday, November 25

Lace & Layers / Monaco

{Dress- Free People, Blazer- Top Shop, Leather Jacket- Zara, Tights- Primark, Bag- Zara, ASOS Chelsea boots}
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The last of the travel pictures..
Hope you all had a great holiday!


Sunday, November 18

Friday, November 16

Black, White, & Zara / Paris, France

{Top-Mango, similar here, Jacket- Zara, Bag- Zara, Leather leggings- H&M, ASOS Chelsea Boots}
Photobucket IMG_2700

It would be a gross understatement to say I've been on a bit of a Zara kick lately. It definitely didn't help (or did it?) that we shopped at a Zara in each city we visited on our trip (that makes four, including the pre-travel Zara shopping spree I went on in NYC.. yes, I'm judging myself too). That being said, my focus was on "pieces"- those classy items in your closet that are almost timeless, classic, and fashionable but not too trendy. Think shoes, bags, jackets, blazers, statement necklaces, etc. These are my favorite things to shop for in the colder months, when I find myself covered in layers anyway. 

The bag above started it all, when I saw it on Sincerely Jules. I love the entire outfit, but it was the red bag that made me melt. I would've loved to buy it in the red, but of course I went with the safe black option. Still, I love that the bag is so wearable and a fun way to make the usual jacket & scarf combo a bit more exciting. 

I'm still in love with so many things at Zara, including this studded camouflage shirt, these printed trousers, and this embroidered skirt. If you haven't seen Zara's fall collection yet, definitely try and take a peek! Where have you guys been shopping recently?


The Puffer Vest / Nice, France

HI! All caps because it feels so good to be back to blogging! The month of October was a huge blur for me. Between settling into my new apartment, catching up with friends and family, and a 10 day trip to London and France, it's been nothing but exciting! There is so much that I've been wanting to share on the blog but haven't found the time to. Stick with me and I promise there will be lots of new purchase posts, skin care hauls, apartment photos, holiday baking, etc! Enough excuses, I'll start with an outfit I wore while visiting Nice, France.
{Striped Sequined Top- J Crew (last year), Puffer vest- J Crew Factory (similar here), Leather Leggings- H&M, Chelsea Boots- ASOS, Necklace- Topshop (similar here), Purse- Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren Sunnies}
{My adorable friend Alyssa in her adorable outfit}
Yup, thought I'd end this post with a ridiculous picture.

Hope you guys have all been doing well and if you live on the East Coast, made it through Hurricane Sandy (and I guess the Nor'easter that I am currently witnessing through my window too?). 

As always, thanks for reading! More travel posts to come! 

ps- A big thanks to Alyssa & Rona who were such patient photographers throughout the trip! 


Friday, September 28

Studded Dress

{Blazer- River Island, Dress-Urban Outfitters, Bangles- Urban Outfitters, Heels- BCBG, Bag- Steve Madden, Glasses- Warby Parker}
These pictures were taken a while ago - back in SF. At the time, I deemed them unworthy of posting (too blurry, too bright, etc- we fashion bloggers can be so picky sometimes, can't we?!). For some reason I'm feeling very reminiscent of SF right now, maybe it's the beautiful weather SF is experiencing and will continue to experience for the next couple of months! I also am remembering how much I loved how this outfit came together so spontaneously: an Urban Outfitters dress on clearance (score!), a post-nap top knot & glasses,  & mustard colored BCBG heels (sorry-not photographed but will definitely be wearing again soon!). Also, why am I holding sunglasses when I am wearing glasses? Weird.. 

Hope you all are doing well! Thanks for reading!

Monday, September 17

Skin Care: Favorite Finds

I love buying Origins products. I have faith in the brand and quality, and I surprisingly find the salespeople at this particular counter to be more "real" and knowledgable than some others. I'm  immediately drawn to skin care products that boast brightening abilities- quite the same way I'm drawn to hair products that claim to add volume- so it was no surprise when I was attracted to this Fruit Extract Face Polisher. I use this as a mask 2x a week, but it is more well known as an exfoliator- which I also love. It's an easy and quick mask to do since it washes right off, and you can even get some exfoliation in there!  The fruit extracts are gentle on sensitive skin and it smells absolutely amazing. I do feel like it brightens my face a little, but mainly it will beat out my other masks for the time being because of it's smell and gentle exfoliation. 

This Hanna Isul Recovery Ointment has been a miracle find for me. My mom met the owner of the Hanna Isul brand and brought home some samples for us to try. I was stunned by the results (probably explains why I now have a huge tub of it now - it comes in a smaller size too). It can be used to help treat a host of issues, but I can attest to it's success on acne prone skin and acne scars.   It significantly reduces the appearance of inflammation and swelling. The formula is not greasy nor heavy- making it easy to use day or night. I use it every time I wash my face, applying it more heavily on areas of my face that are more acne prone or has heavier scarring. I've been using it for a month now and can really see my acne scars diminishing! I've also fell in love with the Seaweed Mask (below). It leaves my skin feeling super refreshed & clean. The line is a tad pricy, but so worth it for me. I wasn't sure exactly where to buy it online, but found this website that sells it, here. Let me know if you try it and if you like it too! 

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, August 19

Summer Sheers

{Tank- Brandy Melville, Skirt- American Apparel, Belt- H&M, Bracelets- Nordstroms & LF, Sunnies- Ray Ban}

Saturday was just one of those days where I felt like wearing layered pieces of jewelry and something feminine but edgy. And since I've finally acquired the perfect slip, it was only right to wear this sheer Brandy Melville tank with a similarly sheer American Apparel maxi skirt. Is everyone still into maxis? How are you guys wearing them? Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 13

Shore Thing

{Bathing Suit- Victoria Secret, Shorts- H&M, Belt- J Crew, Neon Bag- Forever 21, Sunglasses- Ralph Lauren, Nails- OPI's Pink Friday}
I had to do it- a beach/summer post. It's been a whirlwind since I moved back home to NJ, and now that it's halfway through August, it feels like the summer is slipping away! Regardless, I was so so so excited to spend this past weekend at my parent's shore house. I'm a minimalist at the beach, usually packing more bathing suits than outfits. You would think this makes packing easy. And it would've- if I had remembered to pack my favorite American Eagle denim shorts while in San Francisco. Instead, my trusty shorts are (hopefully!) somewhere between the Coasts in a long distance moving truck. I panicked when I couldn't find them, realizing that my usual crop top & denim short duo wasn't a reality. Once again, I was forced to get creative, and ended up loving the look of these high-waisted, silky, H&M shorts with a plain black bathing suit and a pop of neon from this Forever 21 tote bag. 

As far as my makeup/skin care routine- I find myself reaching for the same products every summer. Here's a quick update with my current favorites- some old and some new...(1) Eucerin Daily Protection Moisturizing Face Lotion SPF 30 (2) Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sun Block SPF 45  (3)  Sun In Hair Lightener (4) Dove Extra Hold Hair Spray (5) Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray (6) Lancome Le Crayon Khol in Black Ebony (7) Mac Saunter Lip Pencil (8) Estee Lauder's SPF 15 Lip Conditioner (9) Mac Ravishing Lipstick

Hope you guys are making the most of the rest of your summers! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, August 8

Work Wear

{Top- J Crew, Jeans- J Crew, Pumps- Ralph Lauren, Necklace- H&M, Bag- Long Champ, Sunnies- Ray Ban Wayfarers}
Hi! I thought I'd do a quick post as proof that yes, I am still alive. The move back to the East coast was less stressful than expected, but between starting my new role at work, the commute, and my cousins wedding (maybe I'll share pics from that next!), I've been keeping quite busy! 

This is literally the perfect example of my 'overslept and have five minutes to get ready for work' outfit. I rely heavily on a mix of J Crew basics and various statement jewelry for these kinds of outfits. I fell in love with the fit of this shirt and ordered two more on the J Crew website when it went on sale (it is $15 right now and comes in fun colors!). I'd also been hunting for a chain necklace for a couple months now, and found the perfect one at H&M a couple weeks ago. I have to resist the urge to wear it with every single outfit. 

Oh, and see below for fun picture of me stuffing my face with fro yo. New location, same addiction. 

Hopefully I'll be posting more regularly now that my routine is a little back to normal. Thanks for reading and being patient with me! :)

Thursday, July 5

4 July

{Silk tank- Vintage (similar here), Red pants- J Crew, Glasses- Warby Parker, Bag- Aldo, Shoes- Forever 21 (old), Bracelets- J Crew, H&M, Ring-Forever 21}

I bought a pair of white toothpick jeans from J Crew last week, and instantly fell in love with the fit and the feel. So when I saw that the same style was available in red, I didn't hesitate to buy them. A pair of pants that makes you feel comfortable and look great is invaluable. The effect is a more refined outfit, no matter what you're wearing! I am definitely going to buy these in a couple more colors, maybe the byzantine blue or golden sunflower?

Hope you guys had a great 4th of July! 

Saturday, June 23

Happy Summer!

 Summer Whites
J Crew's Classic Boy Shirt, H&M Sleeveless Silk Button Down, J Crew Toothpick Jean

Makeup Bag
Currently loving this fun makeup bag I picked up from the J Crew outlet in Florida months ago

Embroidery Thread
Getting inspired by these DIY Friendship Bracelet posts: Honestly WTF and I Spy DIY 

Iced Coffee
Always having iced coffee in the fridge, adapted from this recipe

Silk Red Stripes 
Spontaneous purchase and the perfect 4th of July dress

What have you guys been loving for summer? Leave a comment, I'd love to know! 
Thanks for reading!

Monday, June 18


Jacket- J Crew (outlet), Silk blouse- Mango, Shorts (similar here)- Urban Outfitters, Bag- Aldo,  Necklace- Ann Taylor  (outlet), Sandals- Aldo, Glasses- Warby Parker's Sinclair, Nails- American Apparel's Neon Yellow, Rings- ASOS & Tiffany's

I love these glasses, but I do admit that they don't look great with everything (which is why I also purchased these, to wear on the reg). When paired with the right outfit, however, these nerdy glasses are transformative. I almost think of them the same way I think of statement necklaces- figure out what it works with,  wear it occasionally, but wear it well. Also, I think in the past two weeks, there hasn't been one outfit I've worn that doesn't include something white. White and black with neon nails has basically turned into a summer uniform for me. 

A short life update- I found out I will be moving back to the East coast next month! It feels incredibly bittersweet, as I think I have fallen in love with SF and all the people I've met while living here. But luckily I have my best friend from home, Vida, out here for the next couple weeks to distract me from the realities of life :) It'll be a busy month, but I will try to keep you guys updated! Expect lots of last minute touristy posts in SF, and maybe some interior design inspiration while I move into a new apartment on the East coast! 

As always, thanks so much for reading!