Sunday, December 4

Another Successful Thanksgiving

It's hard to have an unsuccessful Thanksgiving. The holiday itself is a recipe (pun totally intended) for success- complete with food, family, and fun. That's not to say Thanksgiving dinner went without a hiccup. From buying the wrong type of squash at the grocery store, to forgetting multiple things in the oven due to distractions (harvest margaritas!), and overall kitchen chaos, I'd say we had our fair share of obstacles. But in the end, there was amazing food on the table and smiles on our faces. 
Ok, now onto the point of this post.  I couldn't let this Thanksgiving pass without sharing two amazing dessert recipes. First, this amazing and easy apple crisp recipe from Joy The Baker. Throw some vanilla ice cream on this, and sit back as it's sure to be a crowd pleaser.  And second, this Cranberry Orange Trifle from Taste Food
This picture does not do the trifle justice, but the pictures on Taste Food definitely do so go check it out there! It may seem complicated because the number of steps, but I assure you they are all fairly simple. The only change that I made to this recipe, was by accident, and that was my boyfriend pouring some red wine into the cranberries as they were cooking on the stove top. I think it was good?
These recipes are two that I will definitely be making again (Christmas?). I hope you guys had a successful Thanksgiving as well! :) Thanks for reading!



  1. yumm! that photo makes me drool! and unfortunately i cannot cook, haha! ive burnt cookies and everything from a-z... but im glad your dinner turned out great!
    x jamie

  2. i should not be looking at food posts at this hour. the cranberry trifle looks delish! xx

  3. glad you had a wonderful thanksgiving! the food looks delish! :D

  4. <3 The apple crisp & trifle were amazing!! :)


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