Saturday, December 31

12:00, 2012

A big thanks to all my followers and readers for their continued support!
Hope you guys have a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2012!


Wednesday, December 28

Seeing Red

{Roses on top the fireplace mantel}
{French toast on Christmas morning}
{Dad's signature cocktail(s)}
{Red velvet cupcakes with sprinkles stirred into the frosting}

{Champagne with strawberries}

Loved every second being home for the holidays. 
Hope yours was great as well! 

Sunday, December 25

Christmas Flair

Adding simple syrup to water in an ice cube tray makes an excellent addition to a glass of champagne. I threw in some red food coloring for dramatic effect. 
I fell in love with these printable tags from Compulsive Craftiness. All I needed was some Elmer's glue and I went glitter happy. 
Hm, didn't realize how much I used food coloring this past weekend. In any case, I added a couple drops of food coloring into a bowl of coconut flakes before adding the flakes into cookie batter. I used this recipe as a rough guide and loved the result. 

Thanks for reading!

Friday, December 23

In The Spirit of Giving

Vince Camuto "Missie" Pump 
I'm not sure what it is about Christmas time that makes me feel especially giving.. towards myself, that is. I could try to make excuses, like you know, my birthday is ten days before Christmas, I've been lusting after these beautiful Vince Camuto babies for months, etc etc, you get the picture. But no, I fell in love, and love is the only excuse I have. I ended up wearing these to a holiday party only hours after I purchased them. My only concern is that the suede already seems to have dulled a bit. Other than that, I am thrilled about my ($120) investment in my happiness! Thanks for reading!


Monday, December 19

'Tis The Season

{Homemade Granola; Recipe adapted from here}
{Starbuck's Holiday Cups & Peppermint Mochas}
{Cozy knit sweaters that look and feel like a blanket}
{Holiday inspired nail polish}
{Crafting festive decorations}
Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 18

Glitter Polish

Sally Hansen Top Coat; American Apparel Polish

Sunny Saturday

Cardigan: J Crew; Scarf: Zara, Boots: Aldo, Ray Ban Sunnies
We spent the better part of Saturday in the Mission, stuffing ourselves with brunch at Brunch Drunk Love, then digesting and being silly in Dolores Park. The sunny and pleasant weather makes it hard to remember that Christmas is just around the corner, but my sparkly nails are a friendly reminder.

Sunday, December 11

Autumn Animal Print

I finally gave in and bought the first animal print item in my wardrobe. I regret nothing! It has been serving as the perfect layering piece to autumn colored outfits, like this one. 
Top & Pants: American Apparel, Scarf: Zara 
What are your thoughts on animal print? Thanks for reading!

Sunday, December 4

Another Successful Thanksgiving

It's hard to have an unsuccessful Thanksgiving. The holiday itself is a recipe (pun totally intended) for success- complete with food, family, and fun. That's not to say Thanksgiving dinner went without a hiccup. From buying the wrong type of squash at the grocery store, to forgetting multiple things in the oven due to distractions (harvest margaritas!), and overall kitchen chaos, I'd say we had our fair share of obstacles. But in the end, there was amazing food on the table and smiles on our faces. 
Ok, now onto the point of this post.  I couldn't let this Thanksgiving pass without sharing two amazing dessert recipes. First, this amazing and easy apple crisp recipe from Joy The Baker. Throw some vanilla ice cream on this, and sit back as it's sure to be a crowd pleaser.  And second, this Cranberry Orange Trifle from Taste Food
This picture does not do the trifle justice, but the pictures on Taste Food definitely do so go check it out there! It may seem complicated because the number of steps, but I assure you they are all fairly simple. The only change that I made to this recipe, was by accident, and that was my boyfriend pouring some red wine into the cranberries as they were cooking on the stove top. I think it was good?
These recipes are two that I will definitely be making again (Christmas?). I hope you guys had a successful Thanksgiving as well! :) Thanks for reading!