Monday, November 21

Decorating With Details

Tray: TJ Maxx, Mini Bowls: Target
For those little things that never seem to get put away
Candle & Candle Dish: Target
Sandlewood Candle, the best smelling candle ever
Holiday Gravy Dish: TJ Maxx
Holds keys.. and gravy?
Shoes lined up in front of a full-length mirror
Too many shoes, too little space
It's important to optimize space when working with a small area. This leaves little room for things that serve no purpose other than decoration. To find a happy medium, I tried to find items with simple details that would double as decoration and storage..

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  1. aw i love all these simple pieces that are functional and lovely! :)

  2. I love the idea of using the gravy dish for keys...or for rings! I was considering this to use as a ring holder:

    Right now I use a plain, white bowl and I feel like I need something else.


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