Monday, September 19

Holy Grail Hair Care

I love trying new hair care products. But since I don't have a regular hair care routine-besides for you know, washing- I am extremely selective of which products I let into my "inner circle". That being said, I'm on what seems like a life-long journey to find volumizing products that don't weigh down your hair. 

This Bumble&Bumble surf spray is the best product I've tried so far that gives volume and wave. Added bonus: it smells freaking amazing. When I first bought it, I felt guilt for paying the steep $23 for just 4oz, thinking that the beach hair look may just be a phase. But I've had this little bottle for about 6 months now and I've actually found many uses for it. To achieve the beach wave look that surf spray is generally used for, I spray this about three times on my wet hair at my roots. I also use this as a dry shampoo of sorts. It revives unwashed hair (don't judge- we all have those mornings) and adds more volume to my hair than a normal dry shampoo. The most frequent use I found for this spray is when my hair is wet, I throw it into a messy bun while I am getting dressed and putting my makeup on, and spray this twice onto the bun. When I take my hair down, it has amazing waves. I am usually out of time at this stage in my morning routine, but blow drying your hair at this point would give it soft, long lasting volume. This spray is a little on the expensive side, but seeing as I found other uses for it I think I am willing to buy it again. Conveniently, Bumble&Bumble is available at Sephora.

Ok, I've bought this shampoo at least 5 times. That says a lot, seeing as I generally like to shop around and see what's out there instead of committing to one shampoo. If you've had a keratin treatment or just generally like to stay away from sulfates, as I do, then I strongly recommend this shampoo. It's one of the few that I found to have almost the same cleansing power as a shampoo that contains sulfates. I'm hoping it's not just my imagination, but I feel as if my hair has a nice volume and texture to it after using this. The little things help too: it smells very good, but not overwhelming, and the packaging is cute. If you live nearby a Safeway, you can frequently find these shampoos and conditioners on a buy one get one free promotion. 

Do you guys have any holy grail hair care products? Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, September 13

San Francisco Sights

Pictures from last weekend's explorations: Fort Mason, Lands End, Golden Gate Park :)


Something Borrowed

Essie: Something Borrowed

It may be time for us to get ready for fall, but I am holding onto every last bit of summer that I can. And I'm doing just that with this adorable blue nail polish from Essie :) Sometimes Essie formulas can be streaky, so I painted a nude base (Coney Island Cotton Candy by OPI) first. The nude acted as a primer so I only needed to apply one coat of the blue- my short attention span appreciated it.

Have you guys started wearing fall nail polish colors yet?


Wednesday, September 7

Shoes: Marshalls

Sweater: Zara, Pants: H&M, Bag: Aldo, Shoes: Marshalls

No really, these beautiful and comfortable shoes were $30 from Marshalls. Love, love, love.