Monday, July 11

Missing In Action

I'm getting antsy since I haven't been able to do an outfit post recently. I should be busy packing, seeing as my one-way ticket to SF is booked for this Friday, but instead this is what I have been doing...

Spending time with my family, especially at my graduation slash going away party this past Saturday:
Dress: thrifted, Ray Ban sunnies
Me with my beautiful sister-in-law to be and a homemade margarita, mm. 
Relaxing down the shore, and taking pictures of my adorable baby cousins:

Thanks for reading, and for putting up with this totally irrelevant post! I'll be back soon :)


  1. is that the white dress you were telling me about?!! I love it!!! It fits you so well. :)

  2. Aww the girls are so adorablee!

  3. that dress looks amazing on you, its such a nice cute and fit!

    ur cousins are so cute!

    BreezeyBee Blog

  4. omgggg yaz and riaaaaa xoxoxoxox

  5. Just found your blog, it's so cute and your and your sis-n-law look great. I really like your Ray Bans in the first pic too, very pretty. No post is irrelevant, hehe. Nice blog!

    Definitely Following you now.

    Have fun in SF, I have a fashion blog here, maybe you'll have time to check it out

  6. Lovely Baby! :)

    And beautiful dress ^^

    New post on my blog

  7. so cute girl! I love all your photos. what a great thrifted dress!


  8. Love all your photos it looks like you had such a good time with your family. Great outfit you're so pretty.

    <3 Marina


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