Saturday, July 2

At The Moment

I woke up this morning and realized I had no obligations-a free day.  I immediately dismissed the thought of going to the mall in a vain attempt to save money. (I'll probably go later). Instead, I decided to tackle an overdue project- cleaning out my magazines.
I hoard magazines. I can't let go of them because of even one article that I like in them. So I started by sifting through the magazines and pulling out the pages that I had previously tabbed. 
Here are two of my favorite articles from this summer that made it into my binder of inspirations:
1. Blake Lively's photo shoot in Glamour magazine
2. Lucky magazine: Color Inside The Border
I am so excited that I finally started this binder. I feel like it's such a great way to not only track my own style, but to see the differences in seasonal trends- kind of like a style journal of pictures. I'll probably look back at this picture sometime in the future and remember how colored sunglasses were all the talk this season :)

What do you guys do with your old magazines? 


  1. Great pics, nice blog :)

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  2. I was going through old magazines last week (instead of studying haha) because I feel like I have too much clutter in my apartment. I ripped out some pages and out them in a binder to save instead of keeping entire magazine like you. But I am not completely satisfied with using the binder for storage...I am
    looking for something else, just don't know what it is yet.


  3. Thanks for commenting my blog...I did appreciate it so much :)

    I Absolutely love this blog,and your pictures :D
    I will surely follow you,Would you like to follow me too? :) Let me know...
    Anyway,I have an huge collection of old magazines,Glamour Italy...for the other ones,I cut the pieces I like :D

    I wait you :) Kisses and keep doing a good work :)


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