Friday, July 29

One Top, Three Times

This shirt is one of the few I have with me right now, and has definitely proved its worth- I've already worn it three times. 

One  Relaxing at home on the balcony 

Two  Exploring Pier 39 with my family

Three  Getting drinks with my brother 
Color block Top: Forever 21

Have a good weekend :)


Wednesday, July 27

Flowers and Fields

You may already know, since I've mentioned it before, but I have a serious issue with packing. It must be some sort of medical condition, because I really can't pack. This obviously proved to be a major problem when I decided to move across the country. 

I recently dug into the one suitcase I packed for myself that was supposed to hold me over until my things were shipped, and found... well, nothing. There was no evidence of any sort of pre planning, so I am left living like how I imagine I lived when I was like 12 years old- not a trace of makeup, no matching abilities, no bling. I'm blaming it on my lack of resources. 

Anyway, my parents and brother visited this past weekend so I had to pull it together. I threw this dress on when we visited Napa and Sonoma since it was easy, light, and didn't really need any accessories.

Dress: umm, Sandals: Aldo, Watch: Michael Kors, Ray Ban Sunnies
My favorite accessory: a glass of wine :)

Ended the day with some bubbly :)
Thanks for reading! 


Tuesday, July 19

First Impressions

I've arrived safely in San Francisco, and although I am missing home a bit, my first impressions of this city are nothing but good.
Empty box on the balcony that is dying to be filled with flowers
Keys, yay for finding shelter

The suitcase that I should be unpacking.. oops

As always, thanks for reading :)

Monday, July 11

Missing In Action

I'm getting antsy since I haven't been able to do an outfit post recently. I should be busy packing, seeing as my one-way ticket to SF is booked for this Friday, but instead this is what I have been doing...

Spending time with my family, especially at my graduation slash going away party this past Saturday:
Dress: thrifted, Ray Ban sunnies
Me with my beautiful sister-in-law to be and a homemade margarita, mm. 
Relaxing down the shore, and taking pictures of my adorable baby cousins:

Thanks for reading, and for putting up with this totally irrelevant post! I'll be back soon :)

Monday, July 4

New Additions

Ok, so since I've had this big dark cloud-packing- looming over my head, I've been making a conscious effort to cut down on shopping. The result? I basically stopped buying clothing, but have ended up satisfying my shopping cravings with jewelry and the occasional beauty product. I thought I'd keep you guys updated :)
Rings: H&M
Necklace: Nordstrom
Bangle: Forever 21
MAC Pro Palette and MAC Eyeshadows

It's apparent the kind of jewelery that I've been gravitating towards lately: darker golds and browns. And as for eyeshadows, these are a pretty good indicator of my preferred color palette as well. As to why there is an empty spot in my palette? My commitment issues were getting the best of me...

Any suggestions on an eyeshadow to complete the palette? 
What have you guys been buying recently?
Thanks for reading! :)

Saturday, July 2

At The Moment

I woke up this morning and realized I had no obligations-a free day.  I immediately dismissed the thought of going to the mall in a vain attempt to save money. (I'll probably go later). Instead, I decided to tackle an overdue project- cleaning out my magazines.
I hoard magazines. I can't let go of them because of even one article that I like in them. So I started by sifting through the magazines and pulling out the pages that I had previously tabbed. 
Here are two of my favorite articles from this summer that made it into my binder of inspirations:
1. Blake Lively's photo shoot in Glamour magazine
2. Lucky magazine: Color Inside The Border
I am so excited that I finally started this binder. I feel like it's such a great way to not only track my own style, but to see the differences in seasonal trends- kind of like a style journal of pictures. I'll probably look back at this picture sometime in the future and remember how colored sunglasses were all the talk this season :)

What do you guys do with your old magazines?