Sunday, June 5

Wind Blown

I visited my brothers apartment in Jersey City today and I seriously underestimated the power of the wind. It proved to be a difficult task to find a picture where my face wasn't getting attacked by my hair or I wasn't frantically trying to keep my skirt in place. Maybe wearing a skirt wasn't my brightest idea, but I love the effect of wearing a textured top with a patterned skirt so I couldn't resist! 
Checking out the NYC skyline while my brother called me stupid.
Some things never get old. 
Top: LF, Skirt: H&M, Belt: Forever 21,  Rings: H&M and Forever 21,
 Bag: Aldo, Sandals: Primark, Nails: Essie Cute As A Button


  1. I love the lace shirt! :)


  2. this is such a cute spring look!:)

  3. You seriously look gorgeous!! Loving the outfit and the pics are stunning.

    Thx for your comment on my blog and I would love to follow each other. What ya think? let me know.

    <3 Marina

  4. i absolutely love this look! so pretty and sweet :)

  5. omg girl these photos are golden! newly obsessed with your blog, just started following ya ;) you styled this outfit so well!


  6. I love your bag!! :)


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