Tuesday, June 14

Carrying On

{Pink Moleskin & Pink Sharpie: I have random thoughts}

{Clinique's High Definition Mascara: 6 hours of flying.. Need I say more?}
{Benefit's Something About Sofia perfume: Easy to travel with and smells light and amazing}

{Re-reading Pride and Prejudice: The perfect past time for the plane}

It's been kind of crazy here lately. My brothers engagement party was this past weekend (yay!) and I'm flying out to San Francisco tomorrow to go apartment hunting! I'm currently in a packing frenzy, but wanted to share a few things that I am going to throw in my carry on bag. Hope you guys enjoyed reading! I'll be back next week, hopefully with some pictures to share from SF :)

What are some things you guys absolutely have to travel with?

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  1. WOW...moving to SF we're going to be neighbors. Welcome to the Bay Area DOLL

    <3 Marina


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