Thursday, May 5

UK Shopping Spree

It's not like I even needed a reminder of how much I absolutely love the UK, but this past weekend was just that. We went to Liverpool for the weekend to watch the Liverpool Newcastle match, and managed to squeeze some shopping in there too! Unfortunately, it was a short trip. I had to choose between taking pictures of an outfit or shopping some more...and of course I continued shopping.

Every time I feel a twinge of regret for making this decision, I think about all the goodies I came home with...    

{Primark, River Island, Topshop, Republic}
{Boots, Superdrug}
Ok, I may have gone on a bit of a shopping spree. At one point, I commented to my boyfriend that I was exercising great self control because I only bought one thing from Topshop- to which he responded with a look like, don't even get me started. I realized the look he gave me was completely valid when I got home and found it impossible to blog about everything I bought! So instead I decided to share three of the beauty items that I actually grabbed last minute at the airport and am absolutely in love with!
(1) Barry M Lip Paint in Peach Pink #147 (2) MeMeMe Blush Me Blush Box in Bronze (3) 17 Blush Powder in Nude
True to its name, this lip paint is the perfect mix of peach and pink. In the tube, it looks a lot pinker than it really is. When it's on, I actually feel like it looks a bit more nude and peach. As for how long these last, I swatched a bunch of these at the airport and the next day I realized I still had them on my hand! I swear I showered. My only regret: I should've bought more!

This blush comes on sheer at first but when layered, the nude and brown pigments can be more clearly seen. There's just the perfect hint of pink. It's perfect for those days when you don't feel like wearing a bold blush, and really good for professional settings.
Not to choose favorites or anything, but this is my absolute favorite product right now! I'm a sucker for browns and bronzes, so naturally I was attracted to this. (Not to mention the adorable packaging that is strikingly similar to Benefit?) So far, I've worn this blush once (the night I bought it) to liven up otherwise simple makeup and it was a great night look.
{Nude, Bronze, Peach Pink}
Excuse my swatch picture, I was having some trouble taking them, and may have settled for one a bit too early. 

Anyone have any tips on taking swatch pictures?

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