Tuesday, April 26


This past weekend I made my first trip out to San Francisco, where I will be moving in August to start my first post-grad full time job. The thought of leaving behind my family and friends, and working everyday from 9-5 is mind numbing. Luckily, I can distract myself with thoughts of the beautiful city. Here are some pics from the weekend! 

My new camera I so luckily acquired :)
Some seriously beautiful hills
So cute, I may just need to buy a vespa

Splash hits!

I will be posting more pictures from the trip this week :) 
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  1. oh heyy wanna take me in your suitcase when you move to san fran? thanks. :)

  2. Your pictures look lovely! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog!! :D

    kisses xoxo


  3. wonderful pictures! San Francisco looks great!

  4. I know you are gonna be like "wow typical sarina comment" but the first picture you took of the houses is the same shot they use before a scene in full house.... wow that was really gay but whatevs


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