Thursday, April 28

Whites and Brights

Two things I'm absolutely obsessed with right now: white pants and orange lips. These two trends seem to be invading style blogs and I am absolutely loving it! I love wearing white, even though I tend to get whatever I am wearing dirty within minutes. With makeup, I tend to be more conservative, but I decided to experiment with orange lipstick and I actually love the look when paired with the right outfit. 
 These pictures were taken outside our hotel in Pleasanton, CA this past weekend. 

Shirt- UNIQLO, Pants-Urban Outfitters, Shoes-Forever 21, Bracelets-H&M
For weeks I hunted for the perfect orange lipstick. I felt like the orange ones were way too orange and the coral ones were way too pink. I ended up finding the perfect combination of Revlon lipsticks at the drug store.

Both  lipsticks come from Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick line. The lipstick on the left is Coralberry. It is very pretty by itself, but also looks great dabbed on after applying the lipstick on the right, Siren.

The combination of these two is great for a less intense, but still bold orange lip, and the color stays for a decent amount of time. The only drawback of these lipsticks is that they are not as moisturizing as they claim to be. I generally like my lipsticks very moisturizing, so this may not be a problem for everyone. I just dabbed a little bit of clear lip balm (Vaseline works too) after I applied them and it was an easy fix! 

What spring lipsticks have you guys been loving recently?
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 27

Weekend Getaways

I love traveling and going on weekend getaways. But I seriously, seriously dread packing. I'm generally running around fifteen minutes before it's time to leave, throwing deodorant and a toothbrush into my purse. The most annoying part about my last minute packing is that I usually end up with the most random assortment of makeup. So this week I decided to change things up and make an effort to pack ahead of time. I know, I know, big dreams!

This weekend, I'll be attending the royal wedding in England  Liverpool vs Newcastle match! (Ok, maybe it's not the royal wedding, but you'd think it was if you saw how excited my boyfriend is)

Anyway, I decided to start by packing my simple, basic, everyday makeup. 

(1) Benefit "Hello Flawless!" Powder 
This is actually the second time I've purchased this powder. It's the perfect everyday powder because it's really sheer but can be layered for more coverage. I use a flat powder brush to apply it during the day and a foundation brush if I want more coverage at night. 

(2) Victoria Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Perfume
Maybe not in my top three favorite scents, but a perfect size to travel (less than 3 ounces!)

(3) Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick
I've had this foundation stick forever (as you can see by how worn out the outside is) and it never ends! I mainly use it as under eye concealer and occasionally use it to cover blemishes as well. It blends really well, probably due to its more oily consistency. I can see this being a problem if you have really oily skin. 

(4) MAC Paint Pot- Groundwork
I wear this as an eyeshadow probably 90% of the time that I am wearing eyeshadow, either as a base or just by itself. Its the perfect travel companion because during the day it looks great with just eyeliner, but at night it can be layered on for a more dressy look. 

(5) Lancome Eyeliner Pencil
I save the best for last. This is my fifth or sixth one of these, I lost count. (I actually carry one around in my pencil case, don't judge me) This eye pencil does not smudge and lasts all day. I have only tried it in black ebony and am curious to try new colors. Recently, I've been loving gel liners as well, but as far as eyeliner pencils go this one's my favorite! 

What are some products that you guys absolutely have to travel with? Oh, and any packing tips will be greatly appreciated! 

Tuesday, April 26


This past weekend I made my first trip out to San Francisco, where I will be moving in August to start my first post-grad full time job. The thought of leaving behind my family and friends, and working everyday from 9-5 is mind numbing. Luckily, I can distract myself with thoughts of the beautiful city. Here are some pics from the weekend! 

My new camera I so luckily acquired :)
Some seriously beautiful hills
So cute, I may just need to buy a vespa

Splash hits!

I will be posting more pictures from the trip this week :) 
Thanks for reading!